Thinking out of the box


Happy midweek!

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Week 29. There are some things I really like about this spread. I’ve used some materials a little differently from what I normally do, as you’ll see, and I had fun doing so.

I used the Midnight Edition for this spread, with some Freckled Fawn wood chips, MME Cut & Paste washi tape, American Crafts alpha stickers and rub-ons.

This week, I wanted to use the project life cards a little differently, instead of just slotting them in.

In the 2nd page of the spread, you’ll notice that there are elements that look kind of familiar (for instance, those brackets in the top left and the speech bubble in the center of the 2nd page of the spread). Well, you’re right. They do look familiar. That’s because I cut them from the project life cards! Project life cards are versatile like that. Because you get several pieces of each design (10 per design for the small cards), you do have a couple of spares to cut from if you need some embellishments for the spread. All I did was cut them from the cards, stuck some foam dots on the back, and viola! embellishments that suit the spread perfectly while keeping things simple and quick.

Another method I started using was using the project life cards (the smaller ones) as layers on the bigger cards (e.g. the big card in the bottom right corner). Instead of using the card on its own, I realised that layering it on top of a bigger card created a little texture that although made the spread more interesting, kept it simple. It wasn’t difficult too, as since the card was already from the same project life kit, everything matched.

And there you go! 2 ways of using the cards a little differently from what we’re used to, while keeping things simple and chic!


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