Paper+Ink Party!

One of the highlights of last week was Papermarket’s Paper+Ink event. It was so much fun! There was free shrink art and customised doodling on suitcases! There were also other additional payable projects/workshops like doodling on mugs using ceramic markers and on Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letters (I doodled a Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letter!) and personalising notebooks, frames and tumblers. Much exciting yes!


Paper+ink 20150627_133332_HDR-01 20150627_133615_HDR-01 20150627_133627_HDR-01

Now, I’ve never really been a doodle person. The only doodling I did was alphabets in secondary school and random scribbles and shading while taking phone calls at work that didn’t make any sense and didn’t really look like much. I was quite nervous about doodling. I’ve never really believed I could doodle. On top of that, I had this grand ambition of doodling skulls on the ‘W’ Heidi Swapp Marquee Love Letter as a surprise for the BF. So I reserved my alpha early. REAL EARLY. And skulls. I don’t like skulls, and it’s definitely not on my list of ‘might-doodle-one-day’. Much stress indeed!

While trying to doodle skulls for a bit (only an hour!) and trying to plan out the skulls on photocopier paper, one of the doodlers Edison very kindly gave me a couple of tips for drawing skulls even though he wasn’t teaching the class. (His skull doodles are pretty epic!) When it was time to get the skulls on the actual Marquee letter, I wasn’t really confident of doodling with a marker (permanent, no room for errors!) so I started with a pencil. And an eraser. After doodling 4 skulls on the marquee letter, I decided to take a leap of faith (HAH!) and picked up the sharpie. And doodled. It took a lot of effort to not worry so much about making a mistake and I started enjoying myself.


I started with several bigger skulls, and slowly filled up the remaining space with smaller skulls. And ended up with this:


I was (and still am) really surprised at how it turned out. I CAN DOODLE! and I ENJOYED DOODLING SKULLS! The BF was really surprised by the skull alpha as he was expecting me to doodle flowers, rainbows, clouds or something girly along that line. Not skulls. #missionaccomplished ! I learnt that doodling isn’t meant to be perfect (it’s those imperfections that add to the quirkiness), there’s no need to stress or think too much about it and letting go and enjoying the process is the key to doodling.

We then went for the free shrink keychains and badges. We were allowed to make one badge and one keychain each and we decided I’d doodle a pair of matching skull badges and we chose whatever design we wanted for our respective keychains. BF chose to use one of the doodles (by the doodle artists) while I doodled something on the spot. The result?


Really happy with the end products! Each doodle had our names and unfortunately, since we’ve never done shrink art, we didn’t realise that we had to trim the edges closer to the doodles before shrinking. Hence the awkward borders. Still very happy with the result! Getting the hang of doodling so gonna be doodling more for sure!


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