Flower Doodle!

Hi everyone!

I’m back with a doodle today! As you may recall, I attended Papermarket’s Paper+Ink Party about 2 weeks back and discovered doodling. I decided to doodle in my art journal instead of purchasing a separate journal just for doodling as I didn’t want to feel pressured to complete a whole journal that’s ‘assigned’ to doodles. If I decided after a couple of doodles that it isn’t my thing or that it isn’t something I’ll do often, I could stop or just doodle whenever. Another benefit of doodling in my art journal is having thick paper that sharpies won’t bleed through; I’m using a moleskin watercolour notebook, so the papers are nice and thick! Plus, the notebook is only about 5.5″ x 3.5″, so it isn’t too intimidating to fill a page with doodles! Here’s a doodle I completed in about an hour (approx 30 mins of doodling while having lunch and another 30 mins while travelling home on the MRT train). I didn’t think too much about it before starting and only decided that I wanted to do a flower theme. I didn’t start with a pencil this time! Hahahaha! It was sharpie to paper from the start!

Flower Power!

Getting the hang of it! 😀


Moleskine Watercolor Notebook

Sharpie Extra Fine & Fine


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