Planner Spread – July 2015

Hello hello! I am back with a planner spread! I’ve never blogged or shared about my planner, even though I’ve been using planners since I was a Polytechnic student back in 2006. I’ve never felt inclined to share about my planner, partly because I felt it was a tad too personal. I also started using Google calendars sometime late last year, in addition to my physical planner, as Google calendars allow the BF and I to sync our calendars. So now I maintain 2 calendars; my Google calendar and my Webster’s Pages Color Crush planner.

I was really excited when Webster’s Pages first announced their Color Crush planners. However, pre-ordering and shipping it from the US was really too expensive. Fortunately, Papermarket brought it in sometime late January-February and I rushed to the nearest Papermarket outlet during lunch break to grab one, never mind that I didn’t have time for lunch because of that! Hahahaha.

I’ve been working with only half a year in the planner each time, to make space for additional stuff in there based on my needs.

This is how my planner looks:

Planner Spread - July Planner Spread - July Planner Spread - July Planner Spread - July Planner Spread - July

Inside, I have 1 washi folder, 1 washi card, mini washi, cute stickers, project life cards, cut outs from the Webster’s Pages Dream in Color – What A Day, AC gold bow clips, Project life Golden cards, and bear flags from Daiso (I removed 5 pieces of each type of bear flag and stuck them onto my dashboard). I keep my planner in a cute bear drawstring bag with a few other pens and an eraser. I am currently using a Kikki. K black ink pen (writes so smoothly without bleeding and isn’t a ballpoint), Pilot Friction 0.7 in 3 colours and a Pilot Permanent Ink Marker for Projector. I don’t switch my pens out much since I’m quite comfortable with them and they usually fit into whatever colour scheme I choose. I also use my favourite 36-colour watercolour palette with a 000 nail brush. Yes, I tote around my watercolour palette with a small container (not featured) that I can fill with water whenever I need 😀 my watercolour palette is much, much lighter compared to my planner.

Planner Spread - July Planner Spread - July

I work mostly with watercolours, washi tape, little stickers, project life alphas and, depending on whether I am doing up my planner at home, embellishments from Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy and stamps. I try to keep the embellishments flat, so nothing too pop-up or puffy. I’m not sure whether sharing my planner spread weekly will be too much, so I’m starting off with one month’s pages in one post (after the month ends), so I’ll cover all of July’s pages in August, and all of August’s pages in September. To address the part about certain portions being too personal to share, I’ve decided to use the bear post-it flags (or any other cards/papers) to cover up the personal stuff.

Here’s how July looks:

Planner Spread - July Planner Spread - JulyPlanner Spread - JulyPlanner Spread - July Planner Spread - July Planner Spread - July

Leave some love and let me know what you think! 😉 and drop your blog url too if you have one so I can pop over too! 🙂


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